In December 2018, Sami El Yousef, CEO of the LPJ, expressed his appreciation:

“On behalf of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, I express my warm and sincere gratitude to CNT for their genuine contribution to our work and mission and for extending their cooperation to complete several projects for the LPJ.  With your generous support, the LPJ was able to contribute to the success of 41 summer camps in the different parishes across the Diocese in Palestine, Jordan and Israel for the years 2017 and 2018.”

There follow extracts from letters and emails we have received following our visits to some of the schools we support:

From the Students:
“I am writing this letter to thank you for coming to our school and to answer our invitation. Thanks for everything you have done – the students are very glad to see the school in a new style.”
“I would like to convey my thanks and gratitude to all the Donors”
“The story began long ago In a school (Madaba) full of cold and no heat.. We stayed days …we were almost frozen.. Suddenly a miracle happened.. We felt the heat, warmth all over our bodies. All because of you guys. Thanks forgiving us the heat.”
” First of all I would like to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your visit and your support to my school ….you are welcome to your second home any time.”

From the English Project teachers:

Your visit brings a positive renewal as why we are educators.  I look forward to what you are offering in ways of training.  I am anxiously awaiting your implementation of your new training ideas in our classrooms.”       Shireen Hijazeen, Jubeiha School, Jordan.

I’ve experienced your guidance, support, discipline, inspiration, friendship and above all your pure love and commitment.  I am honoured   to be one of the teachers.   A big thank you.  Rula Abassi, Al Ashrafieh, Jordan.

Having an opportunity to meet you all is really a great honour.  You’ve   shared with us great teaching techniques and your experience.  I’ve   learned a lot and I will do my best to deliver it to other teachers.Rasha Hijazeen, Naour

I started with the techniques you gave us.  I used the concept and the context and target language – order of adjectives – it was really amazing and the students love it.  They asked if the course taught us these techniques.  When I said yes, one of them said ‘Ohhh so no problem with another week of things new’. Thank you again and thank you to the whole group”. Marina from Fuheis, Jordan

From the Head of Hashimi School :

“We would like to thank you all for what you did and are still doing for our beloved school. You improved our learning environment – providing our lab with new equipment such as microscopes. We appreciate a lot giving us an opportunity for a better education and future.”

From the Directors and Patriarch –

I take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity. In fact without your contribution it would not be possible to manage the schools of the Latin Patriarchate in the Holy land” (Bishop William Shomali, Episcopal Vicar for the LPJ in Jordan)

We ask the Lord to bless our donors and to give them one hundred fold. With my best regards and blessings” (Michel Sabbah, previous Latin Patriarch)