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With each passing year the hardship endured by the Palestinian people worsens, as is shown by the almost daily coverage by television and the newspapers. The impact on the lives of young people is dramatic, even traumatic. This is borne out by the letters and email messages we receive from those who live in and visit the area.

The Facts

43 schools:   5 in Israel, 13 in Palestine, 25 in Jordan
19,000 students:   2,400 in Israel, 6,300 in Palestine, 10,300 in Jordan

1,580 staff:   220 in Israel, 510 in Palestine, 850 in Jordan
Many families cannot afford the basic annual school fee.
Salaries for teachers in Palestine and Jordan are well below those in government funded schools and lower than the average worker’s wage.

 Today’s Crisis

The humanitarian and economic crisis of Covid 19

Early lockdown contained the virus but the impact of the second wave cannot be underestimated.

LPJ schools responded to the lockdown with Online training, an Edu-nation platform being adopted in September 2019.  A blend of face-to-face and online teaching is hoped to begin in September.

Economic impact – increasing unemployment among breadwinners in families in Palestine and Jordan –  the economies are too weak to be able to offer any stimulus packages –  unemployment rates remain very high – 40-45%   Many families in desperate need.

Emergency committee to address the financial crisis in the LPJ schools. Unemployment resulted in inability to pay tuition fees.  Teachers salaries reduced with a promise to pay the balance when the cash becomes available.  The promised salary increase in September for Jordanian teachers has been delayed.

Many teachers leave each year for better paying jobs in State sector
Schools may be closed if voluntary funding is not forthcoming

Refugee problems in Jordan

Incarceration in Gaza

Who can Sponsor or Donate?

Individuals – Parishes – Groups – Schools – Companies

The Trust is registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales (no. 289084). You can make a single donation or monthly or annual contributions to the Trust.  All such donations from UK tax payers can be enhanced under the Gift Aid scheme.  If you wish, your contributions may be earmarked to specific aspects of our programmes.  Gift Aid declarations, and Banker’s Order forms can be downloaded from our Contacts page

UK Schools Giving Program

There are many other ways that individuals and organisations in the UK can help provide for the needs of those in the Holy Land. One of our initiatives is the CNT UK Schools Giving Programme. This scheme encourages schools in the UK to build special relationships with schools in the Holy Land, many of which lack the most basic of teaching equipment and educational materials. So far schools in Northamptonshire have collected sixty boxes of books for distribution to their brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

For further information on the Latin Patriarchate schools, you can visit their website at: