Fuheis, Amman, Jordan

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Students – 612   Total staff – 46

Fuheis is a large town to the west of Amman and is almost entirely Christian.  There are two parish churches which are a mile apart.  Balad, dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of St Mary, was built in 1932 and Alali, dedicated to St Mary, Mother of all Blessings, was built in 1986. About 600 families live in the combined parishes.
The school was founded in 1951. The kindergarten, primary and middle grades study at Alali and the secondary grades at Balad.

CNT has provided support for the school but it is now able to support itself from student fees and other resources.

Ghada leads a discussion on Dickens 'Great Expectations"

Ghada leads a discussion on Dickens ‘Great Expectations’.


Visitors at Fuheis

            Visitors at Fuheis meet the students