Sponsored Schools

Since its formation in 1984, CNT’s mission has been to advance the education of young people in the Holy Land.  Working closely with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (LPJ), we have provided for the needs of many students who would otherwise have struggled to achieve an education. The Patriarchate is responsible for 1,580 teachers and 19,000 students in 43 schools and 33 kindergartens in Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

CNT launched a special Education Sponsorship programme to direct your funds to the most needy LPJ schools in Palestine and Jordan, helping students to build a better future for themselves and their generation.  To provide targeted assistance, CNT formed special relationships with Fuheis and Hashimi schools in Jordan, and Beit Sahour school in Palestine.  Fuheis school later became able to support itself entirely from student fees and other resources. We subsequently funded the school at Zerka North in a very poor area in one of Jordans largest towns.  Our funding included a new computer suite.

For further information on LPJ and its schools, visit

www.latin-schools.org/en and www.lpj.org