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Our aim is to encourage the education of the next generation of Christians in the Holy Land. Our latest newsletter is here.

Please Pray for the Holy Land:
Further to the violence that has erupted in Israel and Palestine,  we invite you to join with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem in responding in prayer to Pope Francis’ call for peace:

“With particular concern I am following the events that are happening in Jerusalem. I pray that it may be a place of encounter and not of violent clashes, a place of prayer and peace. I invite everyone to seek shared solutions so that the multireligious and multicultural identity of the Holy City is respected and brotherhood prevails. Violence begets violence. Enough with the clashes.”

Pope Francis. Speaking after the Angelus on Sunday 9th May.

Please follow the link to read a message from the Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Successful CNT-funded Online Teacher Training

Online teacher training has been a tremendous success. It has been a lifeline for those isolated communities locked down, fearful, facing poverty with crippled economies, never daunted; although sadly damage to electricity supplies by the bombardments in Gaza halted the training for their teachers, training continued elsewhere in Palestine.

In January, when Principals and parents reported a transformation in those teachers who had taken earlier online courses, CNT was asked if it could fund further training. Lewis School even squeezed in a further course on Getting Creative with Resources specially for LPJ teachers.

Online Courses from March 2020 to June 2021

50 teachers 2 weeks Improving Pronunciation £120 per teacher
69 teachers 2 weeks Getting Creative with Resources £120 per teacher
40 teachers 4 weeks Student Centred Teaching £200 per teacher

159 courses were successfully undertaken by Jordanian and Palestinian teachers during lockdown.  A testament to their resilience and commitment.

CNT trustees believe that skilled teachers have the greatest impact in improving the life chances of the children of the Holy Land.

Further Literacy and Communication Resources

In 2021 CNT funded much needed library resources for Bir Zeit School and part funded with Ramallah school a mobile interactive whiteboard which the school reports is in constant use.

Below is a note of thanks from Rawand Musallam, the Principal of Bir Zeit, with some photographs of the new library area:

“Thank you for your generous contribution for our school library. It means so much to our students, who will be able to increase their desire to read more interesting books.”

Library area at Bir Zeit

Christians in the Holy Land are alive and active but their lives are very difficult. The Covid 19 pandemic has made their lives more difficult in every sense. After fifty years of occupation, their need for help is greater than ever. Bishops and delegations from across Europe, North America and South Africa (The Holy Land Coordination – HLC) make annual visits to the Holy Land. In January 2020, Bishop Declan Lang of Clifton, the leader of the Group reminds us that:

“We must not ignore the voice of people in the Holy Land”

Every year we come to encounter and hear the people of the Holy Land. We are inspired by their enduring resilience and faith in a worsening situation. The local Catholic Bishops lamented the international community’s failure to help realise justice and peace here in the place of Christ’s birth. Our governments must do more to meet their responsibilities for upholding international law and protecting human dignity. 

The local Bishops also warned that people are facing further “evaporation of hope for a durable solution” and that living conditions becoming “more and more unbearable”.

“The Christian community has a vital role to play in reconciling the different nationalities, cultures and religions in this part of the world. It is a great challenge to face and sometimes it cannot face it because it does not have the resources, so you can understand why people leave”.

The final communique of the HLC 2020 can be read here.

Thousands of Christians have emigrated from the Holy Land because of continuing difficulties. The number of ‘living stones’, direct descendants of the earliest followers of Jesus, are falling to crisis levels. Through education, we hope to encourage Christian communities to play their part in the future development of their lands.

Your donations and prayers are a bridge, reminding these struggling Christian communities that they are not alone and offering solidarity. Your support gives them hope, the greatest of gifts.

Having visited most of the forty three LPJ schools, I have seen the tremendous commitment of their staff and the faith of their pupils.

Thank you to all those who have supported our cause by contributing financially, and to those who have contributed their valuable time, prayers, energy, skills and other resources. You have enabled CNT to help the schools of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (LPJ).

Margaret Waddingham, Chair